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12 illustrations showing the darker side of modern society

It seems we live in the best of worlds. Or so they say. In our first full of material comforts, facilities and opportunities world. Without wars, famine, conflicts and pandemics. These problems only affect the other half of the planet, "another world".

Love fails.

Feelings fail.

The economy fails.

Values fail.

The human being fails.

The system fails.

The Polish artist and illustrator Igor Morski creates surreal images that portrays their different worldview.

Families are rowing in the same direction. Individualism has permeated to the last redoubt of our lives and has even our homes.

We grow up without knowing grow. We grow until our inner child is a good day caught between the bars of the adult world.

The cult of beauty is the new religion of the masses. The endless diets, operations, masks, cuts and cosmetic surgery.

In his series System Failure, Morski analyzes and puts into question the cult of beauty, greed, economic crisis and values that affect our modern world

We have never been so guarded as now. Get outside, look up. You feel it? There's probably someone or something watching you. A lady from the balcony or the bank's security camera. Or maybe the last drone of Google.

In our modern society waste time it is prohibited. I invest it. Seize it. Do not waste it. Produces.

The wheel of progress remains on track. You're nothing but meat for the machine.

Nobody imagines live without smartphone. This mobile has and when you want to realize you are completely trapped ago in their networks. Almost like a spider. And you his prey.

The cities have ceased to be friendly tanks to become human. empty beings roam the streets, dodging cars, bikes and other humans that cross their way to work.

This world no longer moves for love. The status is measured in banknotes and coins are the only means we have to get higher.

And what to do when you realize you do not live in the best of worlds?

Some might say that there are drugs. A quick remedy intravenously. A quick and easy way to eliminate stress, with prisons, with routine and dramas. Aäun being perfectly aware of one thing: not yet invented a powerful enough to calm all our demons drug.

The world is burning and we do not want to see the flames.

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