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An 18-year-old Girl Decided To Sell Ser Virginity Online

An 18-year-old girl decided to sell her virginity online for a million euros to help her parents who, if not paid, will be evicted from their apartment in London, England.

Alexandra Kefren published an ad in an escorts agency offering her first time to the highest bidder. The young woman said that she had been inspired by the film "Indecent Proposal".

The young woman says that her parents do not know their intentions, and that she was in need of deciding it desperately because she is going through a difficult economic situation.

He said he wants to study in Oxford. "I see it strictly as a business, not emotional. I think with a glass of wine will be enough to achieve it, "he said.

Alexandra says she can prove her virginity so that clients have no doubt, although she showed a little concern about the state of physical and mental health of who was able to pay the million euros to have one night.

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