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Baseball gloves through the years

Baseball Glove History

It has been said that
baseball gloves just might be a baseball player's best friend. With a little
information about choosing the right baseball gloves, and with the proper fit
and care, it just might be true. The following information is intended to serve
as a guide in selecting a style and size that is right for you, or your youth.


baseball glove and the baseball are a perfect pair. They've been together for
just about as long as the game itself. When were baseball gloves invented and
how have they changed throughout the years?

Baseball Gloves

around the 1870s, the baseball glove's basic function was to protect the hands
against injury from catching the ball. Before that, the rough and tumble game
provided no protection to the hands which caught or moved the ball however they
could. A look at the history of baseball gloves shows that the first pair was
not invented necessarily to catch the ball, but to knock it to the ground.
Pieces of leather were sewn together and placed over the hand, and apparently
it was thought that this was all the protection that was needed at
the time.

Source: http://baseball.epicsports.com/baseball-gloves.html

The actual  Baseball Gloves

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