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Best Cities To Live In USA

5. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, another one of the best cities for liberals, offers a strong support of local farms, a prominent arts scene, a wide-range of shopping options and unparalleled scenic views. Most residents are very active and spend their time hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing and skiing in and around the city.

4. Santa Barbara, California

The beautiful weather, beaches and mountain views of Santa Barbara are not only a major attraction not only for tourists, but also for residents. The interesting culture, great health care, unique restaurants and top schools amplify the city's appeal.

3. Madison, Wisconsin

With one of the top rated health care systems in the country, Madison has been named one of the best places to live for the third year in a row and is also one of the top college towns in the U.S. The economy of the city is driven by its 33% minority population and high percentage of college-educated workers.

2. Bellevue, Washington

Throughout the year, residents of Bellevue can enjoy the beautiful parks, bike paths, museums, restaurants, and music venues. This city also has highly rated schools, famous festivals and fairs and a rising downtown area.

1. Rochester, Minnesota

According to Livability, the Best Place to Live in the United States is Rochester, due to the rapid growth in its schools, civil engagement and entertainment options. The city is home to the esteemed Mayo Clinic, which creates increased job opportunities and health care advantages.

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