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Carmelina Beach resort Vung Tau hotel in Vung Tau

Other than the hotels in Vung Tau, a hotel can help you have a great and unforgettable experience that is Carmelina Beach resort Vung Tau, located directly on the Ho Tram Lake. You can travel your trip by various means such as bus, motorbike or boat, with a famous tourist destination as in Vung Tau attract tourists.

This hotel in Vung Tau will welcome you with 2 exciting outdoor pools, and your own private beach area will have relaxing moments without fear of anyone bothering you. With sea views, you can see the waves fluttering or you can feel the sea air. You can also use the facilities available in the hotel to suit your needs.

Also, when you stay at Carmelina Beach Resort Vung Tau you can go to the famous tourist attractions quickly and easily, you will not take too long to get there. You will also enjoy the specialties of this region or the Western dishes, all will give you a great meal and delicious, the food after processing still retain the fresh taste and taste. Most seafood dishes are selected by your own hands and prepared by professional chefs in the restaurant. A wonderful hotel in Vung Tau like Carmelina Beach Resort Vung Tau is not to be missed, come and enjoy your vacation here, you will see your choice is accurate.

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