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Complete guide to visit Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia 2020

What is one of the most visited places in the
world? One of the World Heritage destinations preferred by travelers is: Angkor Wat in
. And we had the great fortune to see him this past summer,
on our great trip in which we combine Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Siem Reap
(Cambodia) and Vietnam. A combined trip of the most interesting, varied and
impressive, that we highly recommend. It is time to talk about Cambodia and we
are going to give you some small touches and very basic tips that will surely
help you to travel to this amazing country of Southeast Asia with this mini
travel guide to the temples of Angkor.



 Entries to the Angkor temples

One of the most important points if you are
going to visit the temples of Angkor is the purchase of your tickets. To
acquire them you will have to do it at the central ticket office that is
located on the main road that goes from Siem Reap to Angkor, and is open from
05: 00h to 17: 00h. If you go in tuk tuk, all drivers know your situation. It
is important that you know that you can pay the tickets in cash and also with a



The entrance fee and prices that there are
currently tickets for the temples of Angkor are:

1 day ticket: $ 37

3-day ticket: $ 62

7 day ticket: $ 72

Point out that the 3-day entry does not require
visits in 3 consecutive days, but can be distributed in a week. In the same way
it happens with the entrance of 7 days, it can be used during a whole month.
That leaves more freedom for travelers to organize their time. It is equally
important, that you know that these general entrances will not serve you to
access the temples Koh Ker, Beng Mealea and Phnom Pulen, which must be paid

You go to the ticket offices, you make the
corresponding queue, you choose the ticket that best suits your trip, they will
take a picture of you, you pay for the ticket and you will already have your
ticket / card for the Angkor temples. It is interesting to have a plastic cover
in which to keep your ticket, since you will have to carry it always on top and
go teach it continuously. And this is a way that you do not spoil yourself.
There we left the counselor.




Cambodia's Visa [How to get it on arrival]

Is a visa necessary to enter Cambodia? Yes, in
Cambodia you need a visa to enter the country. Getting it on arrival at any of
its airports (Phnom Penh or Siem Reap) is very simple and it will not take you
more than 15 minutes. We explain how we did it at the Siem Reap airport, the
closest one if you are going to visit the temples of Angkor.

Document you'll need to apply for a visa on

1 passport-size photograph.

Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.

$ 30 to pay the fee.

The "visa on arrival" will not take you
long. Just step on the airport you should take one of the immigration papers
that must be filled with the basic data of any visa. When you have it filled
out, you have to go to the counter at the bottom left where you must present
your passport, a photograph, the paper you just filled out and pay the $ 30
fee. From there, your passport will start a chain journey and will pass through
all the hands of the officials who are working at that moment, until you reach




Visa form
on arrival

Once you have your passport and your visa in
order, you can do the immigration control queue and they will put the
corresponding stamp of official entry to the country. This tourist visa lasts
for 30 days. Note: Some countries are not eligible to apply for Cambodia visa
on arrival, they may refer to the embassy of Cambodia and or apply online
through the official e-visa site of the government, thats also easy. search for
it on google.


The currency of Cambodia is the Rail (HKR) and
currently the change of € 1 is equivalent to about 4749HKR. You can check the
equivalence of the currency today. One of the things that is important that you
know is that in Siem Reap and in the temples of Angkor you will be able to move
perfectly with American dollars, so it will not be necessary that you change
money to the local currency. We in the 4 days that we stayed did not change to
Cambodian rails, we live there paying for everything with dollars. In fact we
took money as soon as we arrived at the Siem Reap airport to be able to pay the
visas and then we exchanged Euros for dollars in a money exchange house, and
with that money we moved perfectly. We dine every night, we paid the tickets to
the temples, the food of every day, several tuk tuks and we even bought at the
flea market.










Currently, there is no mandatory vaccination
required to travel to the area of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor
(Cambodia), but here is a list of vaccines that are recommended:

Hepatitis A and B

Typhoid fever

Tetanus / diphtheria

Viral triple


As for Malaria, in Cambodia it is present
although the risk of contagion in this area is low or practically non-existent.
As it happened to us when we travel to Indonesia, we personally prefer not to
take Malarone since it has a lot of side effects, and what we did was to
protect ourselves from mosquitoes with a good anti-mosquito with a high
percentage of DEET.

But as we always say, before traveling to any
country it is best to go to the nearest international vaccination center. We
leave you the direct link of the Ministry of Health so that you can find the
center that is closest to you.





Travel insurance

We always travel insured and we believe that
any traveler should do so. As many of you know, we have several traveling
adventures trusting in the same company, and that is Iati Seguros. Our
experience with them has always been excellent. They have the best quality /
price ratio on the market right now, and it's very easy and convenient to sign
up online, they have the customer service in Spanish that for us in this type
of case is very important, and the best thing is that They offer a range of
possibilities that adapt to the way everyone travels. It is not surprising that
it is known as travelers' insurance.

How to get around Angkor

The options of displacement in Siem Reap and
the temples of Angkor are many, but the most used and that we recommend are:
bicycle, car or tuk tuk. The last one was the one we chose and we loved it. The
tuk tuk is responsible for taking you to all the temples, giving you a brief
explanation before entering each temple and waiting for you at the exit.

The prices to hire a tuk tuk in Siem Reap are
between 15 and 30 $ per day, depending on the circuit you want to do and how
you want to do it. You can hire him once you have arrived there, but we prefer
to have this topic closed before going to Cambodia. We also found a tuktukero
(so I call the tuk tuk drivers) who spoke a little Spanish and with excellent
references from other travelers, and we prefer to play it safe since it would
be our companion to discover this Cultural Heritage. In our case, we hired your
services for 3 full days, for a total of $ 90, and included some very complete

Day 1 (from 08:00 in the morning). Buy the
tickets. Small circle: Angkor Wat temple, Angkor Thom city (Bayon temple,
Baphoun, PhimeanAkah, Terrace of the elephant, Terrace for the leper King),
Thomanon temple, Chavsay Tevada temple, Ta prom temple (Tom rider temple) and
Bantay Kdei. Possibility to see the sunset in Bakeng mountain.

Day 2 (from 05:00 in the morning). Sunrise at
Angkor wat temple. Then visit Bantay Stey temple (Lady temple), Bantay somre
temple and the Big circle: Prerup temple, eastMebon temple, Ta som, Neakpean
and Phreah Khan temple.

Day 3 (from 08:00 in the morning). Visit to
Beng Mealea temple and several of the Roluos group such as Phreah Ko temple,
Bakong temple and Lolei temple. Optional visit to the floating village Kompong
Pluk, which has an extra cost of $ 20 per person.

It should be noted that the tuk tuk price does
not include tickets to the temples of Angkor, nor the food, but fresh water.
Without any doubt, we recommend it. So if you are interested in hiring our
tuktukero, do not hesitate to write us an email and we will love your direct

Where to stay in Siem Reap

The theme of accommodation is always very
personal, since it depends a lot on the tastes, needs and budget of each
traveler. What we can assure you is that if you are going to visit the temples
of Angkor for several days, as we did, it is best to stay in Siem Reap and the
offer in the area is endless. There are resorts, hostels, boutique hotels ...
For all tastes and budgets. What we do recommend is that the situation of the
hotel is not far from the center of Siem Reap so you can go at night walking or
tuk tuk to the city. And another aspect that seems fundamental in Siem Reap, is
that the accommodation has a swimming pool. We can assure you that after a hot
and exhausting day touring the temples of Angkor, a swim in the pool will feel
great. So our two tips on accommodation are: good situation and pool.

From there, each one will choose among all the
possibilities offered by search engines such as Booking.com, our preferred
accommodation search engine and through which we offer you € 15 discount by
clicking here.


In a special post, we are going to tell you all
about the hotel in which we stayed and what was our experience there, that we
already told you that it was excellent. We will tell you everything very soon.

What to pick up?

For a trip to Siem Reap and the temples of
Angkor it is important to bear in mind that the heat there is very extreme
practically at any time of the year, even in the rainy season that is when we
were. So the main thing is to bring fresh clothes, breathable fabrics and above
all comfortable. In the same way, it is important to wear comfortable footwear
since you will have to walk most of the time on dirt roads, big and small
unstable stones, tree branches ... It is also essential hat or hat for when the
sun tightens, as well as raincoat by itself suddenly a good storm falls. You
always have to be prepared!

It is important that women keep in mind that
out of respect for culture, in almost all the temples, the shoulders and knees
must be covered. So it will always be good to wear a scarf or scarf to cover

And here's our travel guide to the temples of
Angkor and Siem Reap. We hope that you have taken note of everything and that
it will help you to organize your trip to this incredible Cultural Heritage.
This place is one of the most special places in the world that we have visited,
so we recommend this experience to every traveler. Remember to check a free Cambodia
tours and itinerary
in order to plan your trip.

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