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Miami Marlins baseball star Jose Fernandez dies in boat crash Accident

Jose Fernandez, a
pitcher for the Miami Marlins baseball team, has died in a boat crash at the
age of 24.

The US Coast Guard said Fernandez was one of three
people killed in the crash on Sunday, off Miami Beach, Florida.

The club said it was "devastated". Marlins's
home game against the Atlanta Braves on Sunday was cancelled.

Fernandez was born in Santa Clara, in Cuba, and
defected to Florida when he was 16, after three failed attempts. He made his
debut for the Marlins in 2013.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Chief Todd Garofalo told local
news station WSVN: "They found a boat that was up against the jetties.
They did do an initial search and they found three victims - two on top of the
water, one underneath the boat and they had unfortunately passed away."


Jose Fernandez: Baseball's 'great young star'

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
said the 32-foot vessel had a "severe impact" with large rocks that
form part of the jetty.

Officials said Fernandez was not wearing a life jacket
at the time of the crash.

The names of the other two individuals are being
withheld until their relatives can be informed, the Coast Guard said.

Fernandez shared a picture on Instagram five days ago
which appears to show his girlfriend Carla Mendoza pregnant.

The caption reads: "I'm so glad you came into my
life. I'm ready for where this journey is gonna take us together.

Sports fans and players paid tribute to the player
across social media. Fellow Cuban, Yasiel Puig, a right-fielder for the Los
Angeles Dodgers, hung Fernandez's jersey in the dugout before his game against
the Rockies, expressing his sadness on Twitter.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-37467227

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