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Playboy Model Katie May Died After Chiropractor Ruptured

Playboy Model Katie May Died After Chiropractor Ruptured an Artery in Her Neck.

Playboy model Katie May died
after a visit to the chiropractor left her with a torn artery in her neck,
PEOPLE confirms.

The 34-year-old model passed away in February just days after
suffering a stroke, her family told PEOPLE at the time. And a spokesman for the
Los Angeles County Coroner now says the star died as a result of an injury
sustained during a “neck manipulation by chiropractor.”

Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter
 tells PEOPLE that a chiropractor
shifted May’s neck, tearing her left vertebral artery. The tear blocked blood
flow to May’s brain and caused the stroke.

Her cause of death is listed as “infarction of brain” and has been ruled an
accident, Winter says.

“She had some clotting and went to the hospital where they tried
to do some procedures but she passed away,” he tells PEOPLE. “I personally have
not seen this before.”

Source: http://people.com/bodies/playboy-model-katie-may-died-after-chiropractor-ruptured-an-artery-in-her-neck-coroner-says/

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