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Ranking Of The 6 Superman movies from worst to best

6. Superman Returns (2006)

What could possibly justify making a Superman movie that runs 154 minutes? Plenty of films last longer, but their characters are generally sharp enough to recognize a guy with or without his glasses.

5. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)

Superman IV is cinematic kryptonite. Not only could it kill the Superman series, it might also leave filmgoers feeling weak.

4. Superman III (1983)

Putting its emphasis on broad comedy at the expense of ingenious plotting and technical wizardry, it has virtually none of the mythic or cosmic sensibility that marked its predecessors.

3. Superman (1978)

The film is best when it takes itself seriously, worst when it takes the easy way out in giggly camp -- as it does, finally and fatally, when Lex Luthor enters the action.

2. Man of Steel (2013)

There's plenty to like in Snyder's hectic, rowdy film. But by the time we reach the bludgeoning excesses of the last half-hour it's hard to shake the sense that this was an opportunity at least partially missed.

1. Superman II (1980)

It's an entertaining and fun follow-up that definitely made good on the promise of evil doers who'd challenge the man of steel for all he's worth.

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