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Say Good Bye To Your Bike Flat Tire

Never deal with flat tires on your bicycle again. No air, no liners, just genius design and custom materials to ensure you keep riding.

Flat-free tires aren’t new, however they weren’t widely used because of poor stiffness and shock absorption, compared to the conventional ones. But this Utah-based company claims to have found a solution to these problems. The tires are made from polymeter blends that are said to offer not only a perfect balance of cushion and resilience, but durability as well. The product comes in two different shapes – tires to be mounted on existing wheels with a lifespan of up to 3,100 miles, and others, which replace the entire wheel set and last for up to 5,000 miles.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZHK89fEwoU

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