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The Ferrari Evolution 1947 - 1980


1947 - 1947*

The 125 S is the first car to be built by the legendary company and wear the Ferrari name. This 2-seater was the very car that resurrected the company after the WWII-bombed Maranello factory got rebuilt in 1946.

FERRARI 166 Spider Corsa

1947 - 1950

The Corsa was one of the 166 models that Ferrari built for racing. Just like the other models in the 166 series, the car used a 2 liter V12 engine. The body was a spider version which came on the market in December 1947.

FERRARI 166 MM Barchetta

1948 - 1950

The 166 Sport introduced the Colombo V12 engine. The car wasn't exactly a production model, with only 3 units made, all different from one another. Not only the bodies were different but also the engine displacement.


1950 - 1950

The Ferrari 195 S was the reincarnation of the 166 S model. Produced in 2 copies, one coupe and one open-top, it was still a racing prototype largely based on the previous 166. The major differences were the front end as well as the engine under the hood, which was an enlarged 2.3-liter V12. The 195 S was introduced at the 1950 Giro di Sicillia, on April 2nd, but were forced to retire.


1951 - 1953

The Ferrari 212 Inter came by in 1951 at the Brussels Motor Show to replace the 166 and 195. Derived from them, the car's body was again built by several coachbuilders, this time including Pininfarina.


1962 - 1964

Derived directly from the 250 GT SWB, the Ferrari 250 GTO racecar pretty much summed up the Ferrari philosophy of that time - high performance and beautiful styling.


1965 - 1968

Another model in the GT series from Ferrari, the GTS was also a two-cam car just like the GTB, except it was built by Pininfarina also for the American market. This car was more true to its name than the GTB, more a grand turismo and less a racing machine. It was later replaced by the four-cam model, the Ferrari 330 GTS, after 200 cars were made.


1969 - 1974

The S in the 365 GTS stands for the spider chassis and official numbers talk of 122 cars being produced altogether, of which 7 are right hand drive models. Because the price value between the two models, several berlinettas were converted into spider versions, also consequence of the fact that not many spiders were built to begin with. The main difference between factory made spiders and berline.


1975 - 1980

Engines over 2 liters were heavily taxed in Italy during the 70s and that's the reason why the Dino 208 GT4 surfaced in 1975 at the Geneva Motor Show. The Italy-exclusive model came with a debored V8 engine displacing 1,991 cm3 that developed 170 HP. This was also the smallest V8 on a production road car ever to be built. Other differences were made by skinnier tires, chromed exterior.

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