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The Most Expensive Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Ever

Kelly Rowland ($3,900)

Looking hotter than ever before at 35 years old and after giving birth to a son in 2014, the former Destiny’s Child singer has done more than simply eating clean and exercising to enhance her look.

At 28 years old and after months of walking around in padded bras to get comfortable with a larger bust size, Rowland spent nearly $4,000 on breast implants. 

Iggy Azalea ($4,300)

Spending $4,300 on the implants and a nose job just months later, Azalea didn’t take the decision lightly and initially intended to keep her surgery private to keep others from feeling self-conscious about their own bodies.

Dianna Agron ($5,100)

Agron shocked late night audiences in 2011 with an even juicier story when she told David Letterman that she spent $5,100 on a rhinoplasty! Admitting she liked her nose just fine, Agron had no other choice but to repair the damage from a blow she took to the face at 14 years old.

Blake Lively ($7,300)

Aside from having her nose thinned and reshaped, the 26-year-old star also had eye surgery that was more than just about correcting her vision.
Running anywhere from $3,000 on up, Lively opted for blepharoplasty to freshen up her eyes. With a new nose, why not? During the procedure, Lively’s upper eyelids were lifted and tightened to eliminate and prevent a droopy or saggy look. 

Megan Fox ($8,000)

Spending nearly $4,000 of her Turtles paycheck on breast implants alone, Fox raised eyebrows with a curvier (and perkier) chest that left little question as to whether they were real or not.
Dropping another $4,000 (merely pocket change for this Hollywood hottie, right?), Fox completed her look with cheek augmentation, lip fillers and Botox.

Victoria Beckham ($8,000)

Despite getting breast implants in 2008, Beckham had her first breast reduction surgery to the tune of $4,000 in 2009 that took her 34DDs down to a more manageable 34B. By 2011 and after the birth of her daughter, Beckham forked over another $4,000 (only pocket change for this star!) to reduce her breasts once again giving her a more natural look that the world could easily recognize from her early days as Posh when she first made her mark on the world.

Holly Madison ($8,800)

On the brink of rising to fame as a Playboy bunny, Madison was only 21 years old when she had a breast augmentation that transformed her petite frame into a Barbie-like figure that took her bust size from an A-cup to a D. Just two years later and already living under Hefner’s watchful eye, the gorgeous blonde had a rhinoplasty that brought her plastic surgery bill to a whopping $8,800, which was a huge risk for a struggling model new to the ranks of the competitive Playboy world.

Tara Reid ($9,500)

Joining the ranks of the plastic surgery wall of shame (only momentarily), Reid has had more than her fair share of mishaps throughout her career in the spotlight including a breast augmentation and tummy tuck that left her skin ragged and scarred across her once smooth torso. Dishing out over $9,500 for the procedures, the now 40-year-old Reid had the surgery corrected and revealed her new body in 2009 with an appearance in Playboy magazine. As for the $9,500 price tag, we hope she asked for a refund!

Pamela Anderson ($10,500)

Long before Baywatch, however, Anderson already knew the value of her looks when she dropped over $4,000 on her first breast enhancement surgery that took her to a busty 34-D for her petite frame and further sealed her fate as one of Playboy’s favorites.

Denise Richards ($13,000)

With her modeling and acting career based primarily on her looks, Richards was only 19 years old when she went under the knife for breast implants that led to a botched procedure when doctors gave her larger breasts than she wanted. Three augmentation surgeries and a whopping $13,000 later, Richards finally found the right size and shape for her frame but that may not be the last of her surgery bill. Rumors are running wild about the 45-year-old’s alleged rhinoplasty that has left her nose far thinner than her Hollywood debut nearly 30 years ago.

Kim Kardashian ($16,500)

Essentially the biggest celebrity in the world who gained fame for being, well…famous, Kardashian is worth $85 million which makes the $16,500 she spent on plastic surgery seem like mere pennies!

La Toya Jackson ($21,500)

As for the 60-year-old La Toya, she may be retired but that hasn’t stopped her from amassing a $21,500 surgery bill on everything from a brow lift and a facelift to breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty. While music undoubtedly runs in the family, it seems plastic surgery just might be a favorite Jackson pastime as well!

Donatella Versace ($25,000)

Spending $25,000 on plastic surgery, Versace now looks like the life has been sucked out of her by none other than Dolly Parton herself. From Botox and laser surgery to fillers and injections, Versace obviously didn’t check her surgeon’s resume after dropping nearly $10,000 on a face lift that seems to have had the opposite effect! With over-plump lips from lip injections to sagging eyelids from bad Botox, it looks like she’s had a horrible allergic reaction to all things fake! Hurry, someone get this woman an epi-pen!

Vivica Fox ($26,085)

Once recognized for her incredible natural beauty and doe-eyed charismatic stare, the 51-year-old Fox has spent over $26,000 on improving and enhancing her looks much to the dismay of her fans. Widely criticized for ruining her looks, Fox can’t hide her poor judgment especially when it comes to spending almost $5,000 on breast implants that look more like squashed melons on her chest.

Nicki Minaj ($31,200)

Now appearing more like a strange hybrid of a Barbie doll across four different ethnicities, Nicki’s new (and odd) looks haven’t stopped her from being an international music sensation known for her lyrics about sex and drugs – imagine that!
Spending a whopping $11,500 on three different cosmetic surgeries, Nicki’s cheapest trip under the knife is probably the most recognizable at first glance after she bleached her once fairly dark skin.

Mickey Rourke ($36,000)

If you could sit down with one celebrity and listen to their tall tales and stories, chances are that Mickey Rourke is near the top of everyone’s list.

Launching his acting career in the 1980s with films like 9 ½ Weeks and Barfly, Rourke left the silver screen to pursue a boxing career from 1991 until 1994 when he grew tired of the ring and returned to Hollywood. Making headlines for his notorious party-hard lifestyle, Rourke finally calmed his wild side (momentarily at least) to revitalize his career with award-winning performances in films like The Wrestler and Iron Man 2.
Despite only jumping in the ring for three years, Rourke took quite a few hits to the face and knew he couldn’t return to Hollywood looking haggard and roughed up. Set on making a comeback, Rourke didn’t think twice when he spent $36,000 for a facelift and six (that’s right, six!) rhinoplasties to make sure his face and nose were looking better than before. And, with his Golden Globe win in 2009 for The Wrestler and his stellar performance in The Expendables, this plastic surgery bill has undoubtedly already paid for itself!

Caitlyn Jenner ($60,000)

Spending upwards of $60,000 on dozens of surgeries that stretch across her entire body from reducing her Adam’s apple to even creating breasts, the big finale for Jenner was a 10-hour facial feminization surgery that converted her masculine features like her defined jawline into a softer and more feminine look. After the surgery was complete, Jenner’s transformation had come full circle leaving her in a complete state of panic. Not to worry, Caitlyn – we’re fairly certain you weren’t the only one whose jaw dropped.

Joan Rivers ($99,000)

Far too stubborn to pack her bags and retire, Rivers spent almost $100,000 throughout her lifetime on 739 minor procedures to maintain her Hollywood glow. Making an ongoing joke about her hundreds of surgeries until her death at 81 years old in 2014, she became an expert in Botox injections, brow lifts and face lifts that left her face emotionless, which is exactly how she delivered her biting jokes.

Rumer Willis ($100,000)

With money obviously no concern (thanks mom and dad!), the 27-year-old Willis has completely transformed her look over the years. First opting for a jawline reconstruction (which Clay Aiken proved isn’t cheap), Willis has spent $100,000 on cosmetic surgeries from head to toe. Along with numerous facial procedures including a rhinoplasty, Botox and lip injections, Willis has also had breast implants and liposuction that have launched her to the top of the list of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars and celebrity daughters!

Demi Moore ($500,000)

Moore finally came clean to $500,000 worth of plastic surgery after her most recent face lift didn’t go quite as planned. Caught red-handed, Moore owned up to her work, which includes everything from face lifts and cheek augmentation to Botox and even laser treatment on the wrinkles of her knees. No, we’re not kidding! With more than a half-million-dollar price tag, Moore swears by the work and claims it’s helped her stay in the spotlight this long not to mention attract young studs like Kutcher.

Cher ($750,000)

Almost 70 years old and with five decades in the public eye, Cher admits that she has been “fighting like hell” to look decades younger than she really feels. With an estimated net worth of $305 million, Cher hasn’t given a second thought to spending over $750,000 on cosmetic surgeries to tuck, tighten, laser and lift everything from head to toe. Among her long list of surgeries includes rhinoplasties, breast augmentation, Botox injections, liposuction and blepharoplasties to ensure the Goddess of Pop holds onto her title for at least a few more years.

Michael Jackson ($1 Million)

By the time Jackson was already $350,000 in debt, he had undergone over 100 operations to change the shape of his face with countless rhinoplasties (nose jobs), eye lifts, brow lifts, cheek implants and jaw reconstruction, a procedure where surgeons even added a cleft to his chin. Jackson was so consumed with his appearance that the young musician the world had grown to know and love had continued to disappear with each new album release.

Kylie Jenner ($2 Million)

Coming in at number two, Kylie is the most severe surgery hound on the list after accumulating a gargantuan surgery bill of $2 million! Come on now, Kylie! Despite your denials of only going under anesthesia at the dentist, the world knows your chest didn’t grow two sizes simply because of some magic fairy dust!

Jocelyn Wildenstein ($2 Million)

Also known as “Cat Woman,” Wildenstein is a New York City socialite whose series of unnecessary plastic surgeries over the last three decades have racked up a $2 million bill and left her looking more like a nightmarishly evil cat. Hold your cat calls, ladies and gents, this one is a doozy!

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