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The Most Luxurious Aircraft In The World

Crystal travel company will have a flight where passengers will be treated to 5 star. Users can enjoy these luxuries for $ 50,000 (about 100,000 pesos).

Inside the plane there is a qualified individual with a Michelin star restaurant, and butlers, spacious areas for eating, coated leather chairs, fine china and glassware. Far from seeming to be on a flight, it will seem that you are in a fancy restaurant.

The flights of this luxury airliner will start in autumn 2017. The aircraft has a 5 star interiors and treatment provide customers also will be 5 stars.

The plane has a bar and tables for passengers to eat as if they were in a fancy restaurant. The seating area is made up of 84 seats that can be converted into beds.

The bathrooms of the aircraft, in addition to having a large space, have fragrances of Etro Italian luxury brand.

Other amenities flight offers are flat screen TVs, free WiFi and a comprehensive personal headphones feature Bose to cancel the noise.

The plane that Crystal has adapted to take commercial flights greatest luxury is a Boeing 777-200LR, will itineraries of 14, 21 and 28 days where passengers can travel to 'the most exotic and remote destinations in the world'.

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