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The Swedish Actress Alexandra Dahlström

Dahlström was born in Gävle, Sweden, and grew up in Stockholm. Her mother, Irina Borisovna, is Russian, and her father is Swedish. She speaks Swedish, Russian, German, French, English, and Italian

She lived alone in Stockholm after graduating high school. She continued to act in theatre. After a several-year break, Dahlström again starred in the film Fröken Sverige (Miss Sweden), for which she received favorable reviews.

During the autumn of 2004 she was the DJ for the biggest late night talk show in Sweden, called 'Late Night with Luuk', which she had been originally interviewed on in May 1998 with Rebecka Liljeberg for her acting in Show Me Love.[3] On her debut as DJ for the show, the guests were R.E.M. and British actor Paul Bettany.

After completing her studies, she now lives in Rome, Italy and is again pursuing a serious acting career.

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