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The Walking Dead Kids Actors Then And Now


Katelyn Nacon

Enid is a quiet and mysterious girl who befriends Carl. He survived for a long time on his own before arriving in Alexandria after his parents' death, an event which still seems to have not fully recovered.


Mika Samuels

Kyla Kenedy

Kyla is Lizzie's younger sister (and victim). They are always together.


Lizzie Samuels

Brighton Sharbino

Lizzie appears in the fourth season and is presented as a very tormented and obsessed with the zombies. She and her little sister Mika found themselves in Carol's care.


Sophia Peletier

Madison Lintz

In the series, Sophia is Carol's daughter and a girl who became friends with Carl (in the comic end up being boyfriends). The little one got lost and, if you're reading this, you know how they found it.


Sam Anderson

Major Dodson

Sam lived with his family in Alexandria. He is the son of Jessie (person suffering from domestic violence) and Ron's younger brother (who made life impossible for Carl). Some strong words from Carol to him might have traumatized him a little.


Addy Miller

The first zombie that appeared in The Walking Dead was a girl who was walking with a bear in the street. The little girl gave the shock of its life to Rick, becoming the first zombie that the personage assassinated.


 Duane Jones

Adrian Kali Turner

Duane is the son of Morgan, his father was the first person to give Rick and who told him about the danger presented by the walkers.


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